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By Alyssa Pereira
(Creative Commons)

(Creative Commons)

Everyone who lives here knows the Bay Area is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Lush forestry, rolling fog, scenic mountains, elegant skylines: we’re basically spoiled when it comes to our gorgeous surroundings.

Naturally then, the people who live here seem to be inspired by the romantic landscape. Apparently, Bay Area residents are some of the most romantic people in the United States. We’re so romantic, in fact, we claimed three out of ten of the top ten spots on this recent survey by WalletHub.

The survey took into account how much Valentine’s Day lovebirds throw down on gifts, flowers, romantic getaways, and candy, as well as the number of attractions, restaurants, and florists per capita.

Can you guess which was #1?

San Francisco!

Here’s the full Top 10 list:

1. San Francisco, California
2. Seattle, Washington
3. Orlando, Florida
4. San Diego, California
5. San Jose, California
6. Irvine, California
7. Portland, Oregon
8. Scottsdale, Arizona
9. Plano, Texas
10. Fremont, California

Some of these are kind of surprising (Plano, really?), but overall, we’re not that shocked that the Bay ruled this round. Oakland, which is equally romantic in our book, took the 18th position.

For more detail on the survey process, head to their breakdown.

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